"We are people at the service of people"

We are people at the service of people, that is our motto. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and our strengths are the quality of the services offered, the competence of our staff and the attention to what are the needs of the customer. Our company has been operating in the field of certification since 2001 and the certificates issued by our body are recognized nationally and internationally. We are accredited by ACCREDIA for the ISO 9001 and ISO 21001 Quality Scheme, while for the sectors and certification schemes not covered by ACCREDIA accreditation, we operate through the other certification bodies belonging to the ICDQ GROUP network. Thanks to our know-how and our technical expertise, we are able to meet the needs of all our customers with an eye always attentive to what are the specific criticalities related to each product sector.

Our customers rely on us because they trust our work and appreciate the commitment and perseverance with which we operate in everyday life, always attentive and close to their needs.

We are aware that time is gold, which is why our procedures are slimy, effective and functional to the needs of the customer. Your goal is our goal!

Technical expertise and professionalism
We aim for excellence: our multidisciplinary and highly qualified staff will bring real added value to your organization.

We are close to our customers, we speak their language and listen to their needs. We are always ready to offer customized, technically effective and above all reasonable solutions from an economic point of view.

What we offer


ICDQ SRL Since its foundation, it has always aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Protection of your customers’ data.
  • Imbankment
  • Objectivity and transparency in carrying out activities.
  • Independence from any type of entity that poses an unacceptable risk to the impartiality and independence of
  • Ensure the absence of any kind of constraint, both personal and business, with organizations that may represent an unacceptable risk to the impartiality and independence of ICDQ SRL.
  • Regardless of the above, to manage with effectiveness and efficiency any conflict of interest that may arise, ICDQ SRL carries out an analysis of the possible risks that may be contrary to its policy and keeps it continuously updated.
  • Ensure that appropriately qualified and competent auditors are used with respect to the different types of management systems that certify themselves.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the provision of services is a constant of shared business throughout the organization. As an integral part of your policy,ICDQ SRLestablishes with annual periodicity, some concrete management objectives that are collected and signed by the Management in a specific document that is distributed to all those responsible for the purpose of bringing it to the knowledge in a clear and understandable way of its subordinates. Each area manager shall be responsible for their application and control.

In order to achieve the above objectives, ICDQ SRL undertakes to:

  • Start a program of continuous improvement of your management system in accordance with the possible non-conformities that may arise during the provision of the certification service, of which the causes will be analyzed and, depending on the result of the analysis, the corresponding corrective and / or preventive actions will be implemented.
  • Start an internal and/or external training program, in order to maintain and increase the competence of the staff of ICDQ SRL.

All details of policies, procedures and practices are described in documented procedures, work instructions and internal instructions in a simple and dynamic form. The Management approves all the internal documentation and notifies all staff the duty to comply with the instructions that contain the aforementioned documentation of the Management System in order to obtain an offer of services appreciated by our customers.